Our Core Values

  • Have an Open Mind to a Better Way

  • Create the Unexpected Experience

  • Embrace Adversity

  • Always be Teaching

  • Build Life Long Friendships

You will notice that none of them resemble Winning, Toughness, Grind, etc. Those types of values should be expected and they have a home within your school sports, where practices and time spent as a player is more invested.

Our program knows its role.

If we as coaches, along with the parents, are executing with an open mind to do things better. While creating an unexpected experience for our kids, players, opponents, and refs, while in moments of success and in moments of adversity. Then in these teaching moments, we will have the unique opportunity to influence lives and create bonds among each player, coach, and family that will last a lifetime beyond the game of basketball.

Our opportunity is to prepare them for MS, HS, possibly college, and life after sports. Many AAU programs try to mimic being a different version of school entities or feel they are more important to a player’s success than their school. In essence, our program should be a supporting subset of the athletic platforms that matter-- school sports. AAU travel basketball as a MID OHIO PUMA is about developing and preparing for school ball, not trumping those school experiences. With over 700 kids this year, we have a great opportunity to make a difference in a time in society, where the only way left is to be different.